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We are offering remote consultations during the COVID-19 crisis.

A lump anywhere on your body can be cause for concern and should be seen by a doctor. However, please bear in mind, it’s not worth worrying about your lump before you’ve had it examined by a doctor, as the majority of lumps are harmless.

Jonathan Hughes is a London based ENT doctor who is an expert in ears, noses, throats and necks. Should you have a lump on your neck you can gain peace of mind by booking a consultation with him.

What happens during your neck lump consultation?

In order to assess whether or not your neck lumps is likely to be harmful, you will be asked a series of questions about the lump and your medical history. It’s worth having a think about how long you’ve had your neck lumps, whether it has changed in size or any other aspect recently and how it feels before meeting the doctor. Your doctor will assess the lump himself to see if it is soft or hard and whether it moves around or not. The size of the lump will also be taken into consideration. A lump closer to the size of a chestnut than a pea may need closer, or more urgent medical attention.

How does your neck lump feel to you? Is it painful, or hot? Perhaps it is growing quite fast. Your ENT doctor will need to know all of this information and you’ll be provided with a private consultation room in which to tell him. Your medical history will be treated strictly confidentially. Family members or employers will not be informed of your doctor’s visit unless you specifically request the doctor to get in touch with someone on your behalf.

Following your consultation, tests may be conducted on your neck lump in order to further investigate whether or not the lump is harmful and should be removed. These tests may be conducted at the surgery of Jonathan Hughes, or in a hospital environment.

One thing you can be sure of is that you will be fully informed of what tests will be performed and how they will be performed. Should you need to make further appointments for your neck lumps in London, Dr Hughes will advise you of the timeframes.

Neck Lump Treatment Harley Street, London

As some neck lumps can prove harmful to your health, it’s worth getting any suspicious blemishes checked out. Please get in contact with the reception team at our Watford clinic to book your consultation. Should your neck lump be in the high risk category, you’ll be glad you did, as early treatment will increase your chances of a full recovery.