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Do you or your partner snore loudly? Perhaps you’ve experienced sinus pain at some point? Or maybe your blocked nose is really starting to get on your nerves? These might all seem like minor health problems but they could be indicative of a more serious disorder. Once you’ve been referred by your GP, your ENT specialist will be the person you engage in investigating the causes and effects of your condition.

An ENT doctor is a specialist in disorders and diseases of the ear, nose and throat. This very particular type of medical professional will be able to help you if you have symptoms connected to your ear, nose or throat.

Common conditions treated by an ENT specialist.

Have you been suffering from allergies recently? Perhaps you need to build up your resistance to certain types of allergens, or you still need to identify them? Jonathan Hughes will work with you to reduce the symptoms to your allergies. He understands the frustration living with allergies can cause.

Ear Problems

Ear problems that can be resolved with our ear specialist Jonathan’s help include tinnitus, hearing loss and balance disorders, which are also associated with the ear. Dizziness is a common symptom of balance disorders. In addition to this, Jonathan may be able to help your chronic ear infection through the insertion of ear tubes.

Sinus Problems

Sinus problems and nasal congestion may be the result of allergies. Again, a thorough assessment will have to be made before a proper diagnosis and plan of action can be achieved.

The ENT doctor will be able to remove tonsils, nasal polyps and tumours associated with cancers of the head, throat and mouth. Speech, voice, swallowing and sleep problems also fall into conditions that will be treated by this sort of specialist. Do you suspect you have sleep apnea, because your partner informs you you snore loudly and you don’t feel rested when you wake up in the morning? Then Jonathan may be able to help.

Nose Problems

As well as solving health problems, an ENT doctor can also perform plastic surgery in this area of the body. Rhinoplasty procedures, involving the reshaping of the nose, as well as propping up drooping eyelids are both common ENT treatments.

Book to see our ENT specialist in London

If you’ve had a referral from your GP to visit an ENT specialist and you’re in the process of working out who you’d like to choose then why not give Jonathan a call to book a consultation. This will give you the opportunity to meet your specialist face to face and have your questions answered before you make your decision. Jonathan has been an ENT specialist since 2013. Please give his team a call to set up a meeting.

He’ll be able to arrange a meeting time that’s mutually convenient and conduct a discussion that’s highly confidential. Your privacy in this matter will be respected and your preferences about how you wish to proceed in your treatment taken into account. Please get in touch.