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Thyroid problems are very common. You may even have a friend who is taking thyroxin every day and doesn’t make a big deal about it. However, you might be surprised to learn exactly how integral to the continued healthy functioning of your body your thyroid is, as well as just how many problems can be caused when it stops working properly.

Have you noticed that you’re feeling more tired recently, and your memory seems to be suffering because of it. This, you’ve put down to the fact the kids haven’t been sleeping. A lot of the milder or early symptoms of thyroid failure can be dismissed as being caused by something else.

How do you know if you have a thyroid problem?

Perhaps you’ve had the odd few aches and pains, which although mysterious in origin, you’ve decided must be due to the fact you’re getting older? Have you been experiencing a shortness of breath, but you’ve decided that it’s because you’ve put on a few pounds (even though you haven’t changed your diet, or the frequency with which you exercise?) All of these are symptoms of hypothyroidism, which is when your body isn’t producing enough thyroxin.

Hypothyroidism is the opposite of hyperthyroidism, which is another, entirely separate condition that can occur when your thyroid isn’t behaving. Instead of gaining weight with hyperthyroidism, you’ll lose weight, seemingly for no reason. You might feel a bit hyper too, as well as nervous and irritable. Instead of pain, you’ll feel muscle weakness.

What should you do if I think you have a thyroid problem?

Although thyroid problems can be very serious when left untreated, they are easily corrected when discovered and the earlier you catch them, the more chance you have of leading a normal life. Taking thyroxin supplements should prevent an exacerbated breaking down of the immune system.

Jonathan Hughes, our ENT specialist in Harley Street London is an expert in thyroid problems. Once you realise that the symptoms you’ve been experiencing could be a medical problem, Jonathan can assess you very quickly with a view to you receiving priority care and fast treatment. You should notice weight loss, or gain, depending on what’s normal for you, and return to better memory and concentration functions within a few weeks

What does the thyroid do?

The thyroid controls your metabolic rate. It produces hormones to do this. When the hormones are not being produced in the correct quantities, then your metabolic rate will be doing odd things. This not only has an effect on your weight, but also how you control your muscles, your brain development, and your heart and digestive systems. Your moods are also in the firing line!

Thyroid Specialist Harley Street, London

Do any of the symptoms outlined above seem familiar to you? Would you like reassurance and possible treatment from a doctor who knows his way around the thyroid? With his years of experience in this field of expertise, Jonathan Hughes can help.  Please get in touch to book your initial consultation with him. A simple blood test is all it takes to assess whether or not that annoying fatigue, or your dark moods, are down to your thyroid.

Alternatively, you can visit our Head, Neck and Thyroid treatment page to find out more information.