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In many cases, a neck lump (nodule) is caused by thyroid problems. In this post, we’ll outline what the thyroid does, what causes nodules and how to treat them. As thyroid specialists based in London, we’re experts on all things ear, nose and throat and will do all we can to help our patients feel happier and healthier.

Fast facts

The thyroid is a tiny gland, found in the neck, which secretes hormones responsible for metabolism and related functions.

– Thyroid problems affect a fifth of people, mainly women

– Too much of the hormones can cause hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, which boosts activity in cells and causes you to lose weight and suffer from anxiety, amongst other symptoms

– Too little of the hormones can cause hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, which slows activity in cells and causes you to gain weight and suffer from depression and tiredness, amongst other symptoms

– The thyroid can also develop nodules, and in some cases, these are cancerous

All about thyroid nodules

Lumps and bumps can appear on the thyroid, causing it to become overactive. It’s not known why this happens, but it most commonly affects those over 60. An overactive thyroid can also be triggered by medicines containing iodine, an autoimmune condition called Graves’ disease, and inflammation of the thyroid.

Whatever the cause of your thyroid nodules, neck lump treatment is an important step. Even if your nodules are benign, it’s possible that they could turn cancerous in time, and require thyroid cancer treatment.

Neck lump treatment explained

Whether the lumps are benign or cancerous, we can help. First, a diagnosis is carried out. This could include methods such as ultrasound, thyroid function tests (which measure hormone levels), a scan, and/or a biopsy. Then, treatment can be recommended. This could include carrying out thyroid hormone therapy (where artificial hormones can help balance thyroid production), prescribing medications, or even thyroid cancer treatment and surgery. The latter – surgery – is also recommended in many cases where the nodules have become cancerous. Finally, thyroid removal surgery is also an option, though you’ll need lifelong medication if this is carried out, to support hormone production.

Talk to us

As thyroid specialists in London’s Harley Street, we’re able to examine your thyroid, diagnose an underactive or overactive thyroid, prescribe medications, and carry out procedures such as thyroid removal surgery and thyroid cancer treatment. We know how finding any lumps and bumps can be scary, especially with cancer possible, and treat every patient with the utmost care and support for your peace of mind.

To get in touch with our London thyroid specialists and arrange your neck lump treatment, simply visit our information page, and choose a means of contacting us that suits you. We hope to hear from you soon!