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Snoring is extremely common, but that doesn’t mean it has to be something you – or your partner – has to live with. In fact, it can be quite a debilitating condition, especially if it’s caused by something more serious. In this post, our expert ear, nose and throat specialist will talk through some reasons why you might have started snoring, what problems it can cause, and treatments you could consider here in London.

So, what is snoring?

First, let’s define what snoring actually is. It’s caused by tissue vibrations in the throat, caused by passing air, and occurs while you’re asleep. Snoring sounds differ from person to person; in some, it might be soft and barely noticeable, and in others, can sound like loud snorting, grunting or wheezing (to name but a few). In many cases, snoring treatment is needed to treat the problem.

What causes snoring?

There are lots of different causes. Sometimes, it’s due to alcohol use. Other times, it’s attributed to weight gain, sleeping position or even a medical concern, like large tonsils. If you or your partner suddenly develop snoring, it’s important to get it checked out and rule out anything of concern. Nose problems and treatments are common, but a diagnosis can help give you peace of mind and advice on the next steps.

What medical conditions are linked to snoring?

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is one of the most common. It’s defined as a reduction, or pause, in your breathing while you sleep. This might cause you to wake up – often with a loud noise! So, the sleeper will have periods of silence and snoring.

OSA can lead to lots of problems, ranging from a poor night’s sleep to headaches and sore throat, to more serious concerns – like high blood pressure or excessive tiredness.

What snoring treatments are there?

It really depends on the cause and severity of the problem, and any other treatments you’ve tried in the past. Sometimes nasal problems, or the anatomy of your nose or mouth, can worsen problems and surgical snoring treatment might be recommended. An example of this might be a deviated septum, where the piece of cartilage between your nostrils can cause congestion.

What’s my next step?

Book in at our renowned London clinic for help, advice and a tailored consultation. We’ll be able to advise you on any concerns; diagnose nose problems and treatments; and book you in for any necessary procedures. As experts in all things ear, nose and throat, we can identify various problems and offer corrective procedures that can restore your confidence and, in many cases, quality of life. Get in touch to find out more.