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Does your partner snore? Or is it you that snores? An all-too-often embarrassing and disruptive condition, our expert Ear, Nose & Throat doctor, Jon Hughes, has seen just how damaging snoring can be – not just to sleep quality and lifestyle factors, but to relationships themselves. Find out how you can treat snoring for a healthier, happier relationship today.

My partner snores. What can I do?

You could ask them to contact our ENT specialist or encourage them to seek treatment for snoring. Some snoring treatments can be bought in your local Pharmacy, like nasal sprays, but this will only treat the effects, and not the cause.

Despite your best intentions, some people just won’t believe they snore until they see some kind of evidence. If this is the case, perhaps ask them if you could make a discreet audio recording to play back when they’re awake as proof.

I snore. What can I do?

You’ve already taken a bold step in acknowledging you have a problem. The good news is that most cases can be treated, if the right steps are taken. The advice here is as above – get a medical opinion, and seek temporary relief over the counter in the meantime.

What’s so bad about snoring?

In a previous blog, we discussed how snoring can disrupt your sleep, and/or your partner’s. It’s caused by something restricting your breathing while asleep. This could be anything from a sinus problem, to polyps or cancers, and even concerns like sleep apnoea – which, if severe enough, can cause excessive fatigue that could even stop you driving or working. Research shows that snoring is linked to all kinds of health problems, from heart attack and stroke to weight concerns. That’s why treatment (and diagnosis) is so important.

How can snoring affect my relationship?

You might find you or your partner needing to sleep apart, or experiencing sleepless nights. If your partner’s the snorer, you might even end up deliberately waking them to get some respite. And, of course, there’s often resentment that builds up over time. Thankfully, snoring treatment can help.

What snoring treatment can you offer?

There are some over-the-counter ways to treat snoring, such as drops, sprays and strips and even oral appliances, which can keep your jaw in a better position. Alcohol, weight and coughs and colds can also create issues, so it could be worth looking into your options here. Finally, there are surgical methods for severe cases, including treating a deviated septum, removing excess tissue in the mouth like the tonsils, or removing tumours or polyps in passageways.

How do I book?

Dr. Jon Hughes is based near Harley Street, London, and will do what he can to help those affected by snoring. Get in touch to book a consultation today.