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It might seem a strange question, but bad dreams aren’t always related to things you’ve experienced in your day. Sometimes, they can be an indication of disturbed sleep or even an underlying medical issue. We’ll explain more in today’s blog post, which is all about sinus infections.

First of all, what’s a sinus infection?

Also known as sinusitis, it’s a condition where the lining of your sinuses – cavities inside your face – become inflamed due to a virus, bacteria, allergy, or some other irritant.

A few signs you might have sinusitis include:


– Nasal mucus and post-nasal drip

– Congestion in your nose

– Trouble breathing

– Pain in the nose, forehead, or eyes

– Swelling of the face

– Cough

– Fever

Why is my sinus infection causing strange dreams?

If you’re getting a foggy head in the day while surviving restless nights, it could be because:

– Congestion is affecting your breathing, and you’re not getting enough oxygen

– Medicines like antihistamines – which are used for hayfever and allergies – are causing drowsiness

– Inflammation is draining your body’s resources, leaving you tired and groggy
All of this can affect your sleep, which then only makes symptoms worse. Any kind of disturbed sleep can also cause bad dreams – there have been scientific studies that link conditions like insomnia with nightmares.

What sinus treatments are available?

We’re glad you asked. Treating your sinusitis can certainly help to improve discomfort in your face, mucus and congestion, breathing, and even potentially your sleep. If regular self-help – like pain relief, fluids, and rest – isn’t helping, it’s time to seek more effective sinus treatment. For chronic cases, we might be able to carry out surgery that widens the sinuses or removes some of the blocked tissue (or any lumps, called polyps). Sometimes, though, nasal drops and antibiotics may be all that’s required as a sinus treatment.

What if my bad dreams don’t stop?

This is a possibility, but might be a sign that there are other factors at play. We’d recommend getting in touch with your GP if this is the case, so they can look into matters further.

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